Tips for Downsizing to a Smaller Home

Downsizing to a smaller home can be stressful, especially once you start packing your belongings and realize how much stuff you actually have. No matter what the reason for downsizing is, as long as you have a plan in place, the process will be easier than you think!

Plan Ahead

Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your move. Make sure everyone is on the same page about the move, if you’re going to hire movers, do it as soon as possible, and set goals for when tasks will be completed.

Minimize Duplicate Items

With a smaller home, you’ll have less storage space so going through your belongings and getting rid of duplicates before you move is crucial. One area of the home that tends to have a lot of duplicates is the kitchen. In this case, keep the newer items or the ones you like best and donate or toss the rest!

Make the Most of Storage Space

As we mentioned above, a smaller home means less storage space. In your apartment or condo, you’ll want to be creative with the space you do have and utilize shelving, organizers, and the like.