The Best Kitchen Storage Solutions

Whether you’re moving into a new space or your kitchen has slowly become a clustered mess, having an organized kitchen that works for you all starts with the storage solutions you utilized. No matter what issues you are facing in your kitchen, these storage solutions will solve all of your problems.

The Problem: Lack of Counter Space

If you are dealing with a lack of counter space, adding a small kitchen island to your space can give you the extra space you need. If you don’t have space for a small kitchen island (think one on wheels!), purchase or DIY cute, functional burner covers that you can chop on top of it.

Other solutions:

  • Bakers rack
  • Foldable island card
  • Magnetic knife holder

The Problem: Ineffective Cabinet Space

Having ample cabinet space is the key to storage in your kitchen but if you have a lack of cabinet space, there’s a few ways around this. Try installing some small shelving above your stove, movable shelving, or simply rearranging your things in the cabinets you do have.


  • Drawer peg board
  • Adjustable shelving unit

The Problem: A Full Fridge

Does you fridge look like it’s going to explode? Since you can’t move the items in your fridge to other areas of your kitchen, we suggest starting with a deep clean of your fridge. Are there items that you no longer need or eat? Are there items that are expired? By getting rid of these, you’re able to make more space for the items you use on a daily basis. Also, try eating things that you have before you buy more food at the grocery store!

The Problem: Limited Floor Space

If you’re looking for storage solutions for your fridge but don’t have the floor space to add in shelving, an island, or anything else that sits on the floor? Try hanging storage and wall shelving units! This will free up space on your floor while keeping your things organized.