How to Clear Closet Clutter

Whether you can’t find something to wear every time you open your closet, recently watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, or simply can’t stand the clutter in your closet, it’s time to set aside some time to get your closed clean and organized.

Since the hot summer weather is here, focusing on pulling those lightweight, summery pieces front and center will be the main priority.

Step 1: Declutter

Start by taking all of your clothing and separating them by type – Dresses, skirts, shorts/jeans, tops, t-shirts, etc. Once you’re done, sort these into two piles: keep and donate. Once you’re finished, you will be left with the clothing that fits you, is flattering, and are in great condition.

Go through the same process with your shoes, accessories, and any other miscellaneous items that are in your closet.

Step 2: Organize

Now that you’ve gone through all of your clothing, shoes, and accessories, now it’s time to get everything organized. Head to your local Target or dollar store to pick up organizational items! Whether you opt for a jewelry organizer, shoe rack, or space-saving hangers, any organization tool will help.

Step 3: Fold Efficiently

It’s crazy how much space can be saved by folding your clothing efficiently, whether it’s in your closet or in a dresser. If you’re not sure how to be folding efficiently, head over to YouTube for a lesson!