Fall Decor Essentials to Refresh Your Space

Fall is officially here and if you’re like us, you’re looking for a way to refresh your space to reflect the cooler temperatures and changing leaves. Bring on the cozy fabrics, warm lighting, and autumn colors! If you’re in the process of refreshing your space for fall, these decor pieces are a must!

Flannel Sheets

The crisp cotton sheets that you loved during the hot summer months will need to be swapped out for a warmer option for the cooler months. On those days that are chillier than usual, there’s nothing better than turning down your bed and cozying up with a pair of flannel sheets. L. L. Bean has great flannel sheets that will quickly become a fall staple in your home and come in a variety of patterns.

A Cozy Throw Blanket

When you’re in between needing the air conditioning and the heat, a cozy throw blanket will keep you warm! Opt for warm colors and cozy fabrics to make movie nights that much better.

Incorporate Olive Green into Your Space

Starting to become more of a neutral, olive green is a great color to incorporate into your space to bring those fall colors inside. We love an olive green statement chair but if you don’t have space or aren’t completely committed to the color, incorporate olive green into your space through smaller decor pieces, candles, and blankets.

Seasonally Scented Candles

The easiest way to bring fall into your home? Add some seasonally scented candles to your space! Think pumpkin, spice, pie, and even pinecone/cedar scents. Every time you walk into your home you’ll be greeted by a hug of fall scents.

A Neutral Rug

Do you have an area rug in your home? Switching them out is such an easy way to transform your space for a new season. If you’ve had lighter colors in your home for the spring and summer season, now is your opportunity to incorporate warm, neutral tones into your home. Wayfair is a great resource for affordable rugs!